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The Antidote

The current standard version of The Antidote provides the user with a patient information database that is integrated with an appointment scheduler and MCP and third-party billing system. With the largest install base of any medical practice software in Newfoundland and Labrador, we cater to all types of medical and health clinics. The product is installed based on the physician specialty code which automatically customizes the fee and diagnostic codes. The product is easy to use and supported locally by experienced analysts.

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The Antidote Online Backup

Data backup is one of the most important, and most overlooked, process within a computerized environment. The Antidote Online Backup service is an add-on feature for users of The Antidote that ensures all data is backed up nightly. The process uses a scheduled encrypted FTP process to package and move the data to an secure encrypted backup server.

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Upcoming Products

The Antidote EMR

Electronic Medical Records (EMR) is the future state for record keeping and processing within a physician's clinic. It can reduce or eliminate the need for patient charts and provide the physician with information from many sources with a click of a mouse.

The Antidote EMR is in it's final stages of development with live beta testing to commence shortly. The product incorporates all the functionality of the standard version with additional modules to provide EMR functionality.

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