The Antidote: Application and Technical Support

Local Service and Support

We understand that having access to timely and effective computer application and technical support is a necessity for the current medical office.

  • Support for The Antidote is provided by local personnel with over 50 years of combined experience in support of The Antidote software and medical offices.
  • Support of issues relating specifically to The Antidote application is included in the bi-annual fee.
  • Support personnel also provide hardware, network, and other technical support for a reasonable hourly rate.
  • We can also assist with issues relating to other organizations like MCP and Meditech.
  • Support is provided via telephone, remote access and on-site visits, depending on the issue.
  • This combination of support options streamlines the computer support process for a medical office by providing one primary contact for all technical support needs.


Hands-on training for The Antidote is provided during initial setup and is included in the bi-annual fee. Initial training is provided in segments so that new users are introduced to new processes on an incremental basis. We strive to ensure that all users receive sufficient training to feel comfortable running all the standard processes of the application.