The Antidote: FTP Backup


The Antidote FTP Backup service is an add-on feature for users of The Antidote to ensure all data is backed up nightly. The process uses a scheduled encrypted FTP process to package and move the data to an secure encrypted FTP backup server.

Some of the key features are:

  • Process is completely automated via Windows Task Manager
  • Backup includes all Antidote data and other data on the client's system as required
  • Encrypts the data on the client's system prior to sending it to FTP Server
  • Uses an encrypted FTP service to send the data
  • Data remains encrypted on the FTP server
  • The FTP server is backed up daily to another offsite system to ensure that all backup data are still available if a problem occurs with the FTP server
  • An automated process checks that a valid backup is received for all clients every night
  • Automated emails are sent to The Antidote support personnel with the status for each backup every night
  • Quick access to data for restore purposes


The Antidote FTP Backup is billed as a bi-annual subscription fee which includes support.
Please contact us at 709-579-9334 for additional information.