The Antidote APM - The Newest Version of The Antidote!


The Antidote Advanced Practice Managment (APM) software will have all the functionality of the standard version of the Antidote and many new features and processes including:

  • Import and access to scanned documents directly on the patient profile.
  • Import and access to patient letters and other documents directly on the patient profile
  • Updated patient referrals tracking process
  • Setup of auto-fill pdf documents (requisitions, standard forms, etc.) for printing and storage by patient
  • New appointment wait list process
  • Updated sessional billing processes
  • Updated MCP billing from appointments
  • Modular security including user roles
  • New MySQL database storage
  • Many small changes to improve program processes

Computer Hardware Requirements

The Antidote APM can run as a standalone system or on a network. All data created by the application is kept on the physician's computer system. The current minimum hardware requirements are:

  • Laptop or desktop computer running Windows 10. Windows Pro versions are recommended for network stability and Meditech compatibility.
  • 4 Gb of RAM for 32 Bit systems and 8 Gb of RAM for 64 Bit systems


The Antidote APM is billed as an semi-annual subscription which includes application support.
Discounts are available for multi-physician systems and for multi-year subscriptions. Conversions from existing Antidote systems is free!
Please contact us at 709-579-9334 for additional information.