The Antidote: About Us

The Antidote software is currently the most widely used commercial medical practice software in Newfoundland and Labrador.

The Enterprises Inc. was incorporated in 2008 to formalize the business that has been on-going since the initial deployment of The Antidote in 1992.

Most of our growth can be attributed to word-of-mouth client recommendations.

We take pride in listening to our users and ensuring that functionality within the application is able to meet our clients' needs. We also take pride in providing superior local service and support.

Key Personnel
Don Walsh Don is the creator of The Antidote and is involved in all areas of programming for the application and related utilities.
Jackie Caines Jackie is involved in all areas of client support services and has accumulated extensive knowledge regarding the technical requirements and best business practices that are needed to meet current obligations of a medical office.
Jill Blackmore Jill is also involed in all areas of client support services and is currently focused on the business analysis and application changes needed to complete The Antidote EMR program.